Connect with your Values

This space emphasizes the importance of connections and translation in our daily lives. We are constantly connecting and translating, not only via words, but through the whole spectrum of communication.

Translations entail different cultures, translations mean communication. As full-time translators, we keep on connecting worlds and cultures.

One of my dear friends reminded me this week that you can only advance if you are true to you, authentic, and thus able to communicate from this part. To make better translations we have to be deeply rooted to our own self worth and values.

Sometimes, we are so eager to connect to the outside world, colleagues, clients, potential leads, friends, that we tend to leave behind our own self, our own connection from our very core. We are the ones speaking our truth, our values, visions.

Do not underestimate the power of being authentic and vulnerable at the same time.

Brene Brown

Thanks, We fully agree that Less is more. Subtraction beats addition. Lather, rinse, repeat. :))

Anthony Burgess, English Writer

Connect with your own self in order to fully connect with your clients, with the message to be conveyed, the value of that contribution!

We can help you boost your message to connect and expand your business. Would you like to schedule a brief call to discuss your business opportunities in other languages?

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