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Are the words you use across your global marketing – across multiple languages – understood in the way you intended? Are they helping you foster understanding and build customer relationships?

This year I attended RWS annual flagship event, Connect, that took place in June. This event explored this topic in more detail – unlocking the complex combination of client understanding, technical understanding and cultural understanding.

It might surprise you to know that, despite recent challenges, companies’ global ambitions haven’t been dampened. Around 45% of businesses are looking to expand internationally. But going global is easier said than done.
There are countless examples of where companies, even the megabrands, have failed to make an impact in their chosen markets. That’s because in today’s fast-moving, always-on world, customers expect relevant content, meaningful communication, accurate information, instant access, and consistent experiences – all in their own language, in real time, and on any device.
In short, they want to understand you. And they want you to understand them.
As an ambitious business, how can you ensure that you’re taking the risk out of going global, ensuring that you have the right foundations in place to unlock understanding – and deliver on high customer expectations?

The guest speaker was Seth Godin. I cannot stress enough how much I admire this author. Having read and reread all of his books was a game changer in my own business. I highly recommend you read all of them.

Words matter. Our words matter. Use them wisely, precisely. Do not underestimate the power of words.

Thanks for your trust!

Happy Holidays!  

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