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We are connecting translation with effective copy.

Just a short synopsis of our origins and why you need effective copy.

What is a brand? What is it in a brand?

Which is the why behind our brand? What is the meaning of Lift Value Translations & Consulting?

Values and words go together. They are embedded in your communication. We do not only translate, we also create new possibilities for your message to travel far and beyond.

As a language professional, I teamed up with a specialized Graphic Designer to help me grasp the idea I wanted to convey. The brand is the soul of a business, your own and unique idea.

As Mariana beautifully stated when submitting her final work:

“The challenge was to construct a logo that represents the message and brand concept: A VALUE THAT LIFTS YOU UP”.

To do this, she used two key elements that combined gave the creation of an icon that summarizes this brand message:

The speech dialogue as a representative element of communication, and the air balloon as a lifting one.

Our mission is to lift your values, your Company or individual values and your monetary value.

Inside every interaction, there is another communication going on, a deeper one, more connected, rooted to your brand and to your connection with your client.

Purple Dash Design

Although there is no way to turn every lemon that life hands us into lemonade, sometimes the words of others with an understanding of our own situation can lift our spirits and give us the wider perspective needed to connect and translate a unique creative message.

As Oprah Winfrey states: There is a calling for all of us. Every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware. And awakened. To answer the call.

Are you ready? Are you awakened? Do you truly want to communicate your message, and connect and translate it into other languages?

Get ready and look for a professional to guide you in answering your call.

At Lift Value we are committed to connect and translate with attitude and long lasting values.

Make good and direct communication a daily practice!

Thanks for reading! We will see you next month with more news on connecting and translating!

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