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Certified Translations

These are Legal & Official Documents. A legal translation is produced and stamped by a certified official translator duly registered at the Sworn Association of Certified Translators. A certified official translation is not a text you can get on Google Translate or write yourself, but an accurate and legal document translated by an experienced professional official translator. LiftValue offers Translations besides the Legalization & Authentication Services performed by the CTPCBA and the corresponding entities.

Corporate Translation & Proofreading

Translations are carried out by translators who have related experience and are native speakers of the target languages. Editors review 100% of the translations by comparing the target language against the source language. Accuracy, grammar, spelling, and writing style are checked thoroughly. Proofreaders simulate the experience of the end-user by proofreading the text without referring to the source documents. A separate QA (Quality Assurance) process is executed to randomly check the translated and reviewed documents. Project instructions and our quality standards procedures are referred to when checking the translation quality.

Copywriting & Copyediting

Copywriting is of utmost importance when dealing with your brand. Our job is to make your Company achieve a higher value through a well-written communication message. Our team of experts work diligently on the final marketing text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.


Consecutive, Telephonic, Simultaneous interpretation is most commonly used in legal settings (trials, depositions, client/attorney meetings), one-on-one situations such as hospital/healthcare appointments, site visits and tours, and small group meetings. Simultaneous interpretation is used when one person is addressing a group of people with little or no back-and-forth conversation involved. This type of interpretation is used most often for conferences, training seminars, and sometimes small business meetings. Telephone interpretation is a big help when you need to understand every word for business, health care contexts.

What sets us apart

High-volume requests
Rush turnaround times


We apply processes which automate, integrate and control workflow. A three-step process: Translation, Editing & Proofreading is performed for every project.
Your Company will save because we eliminate the re-translation of the same content.
LiftValue Translations & Consulting adheres to translation standards and corporate terminology rules.
We have a simplified specifications-based approach and a process for budgeting and invoicing your translation requests.
Deadlines are strictly complied.

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Through the use of expert copywriting and marketing linguists, and the implementation of technology tools to help streamline processes, LiftValue Translations & Consulting creates efficiencies for all the documents of your Company. We take care and supervise all the projects to be completed under a thorough quality management procedure, ensuring highly accurate and culturally appropriate deliverables—every time.
A picture can say a thousand words, as well as the right and precise words for your home market. Trust in our Certified Linguists to convey your intended message.


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