Nuremberg & Interpreters Today

The eyes of the world, pointed on the crowded Nuremberg courtroom, for the first time in history marveled at something unknown: Simultaneous Interpretation! Happy Day!

On November 20th, after 78 years today of its first use at the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, simultaneous interpretation is still modeled largely after the process implemented by the Allies during the trial of Nazi war criminals.

Six million words in different languages, with the technology of the time, and the professional humans devoted to doing their best. Speeding up the process resulted in this new way of interpreting.

This year I was privileged to visit Nuremberg and spent a whole day with an outstanding guide with my eldest son and my husband listening and watching the scene itself.
The place in which it all began!

Interpretation is a fascinating profession, and I am very proud to contribute to my local Courts with this service. #judicialinterpreter
Every job is important, we interpret and connect.

World history was written in a courtroom of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice!
Grateful to walk and learn more of the very beginnings.


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